Rijo Cherian
Lead Guitar, Lead Guitarist, Backing Vocals

Rijo Cherian

Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Rijo is a highly experienced musician with the ability of casting a
musical spell over the audience.
Musically talented performer with strong vocals and guitar chops
to top up with great singing and instrument playing ability. He is
passionate about music with the natural ability to adjust own
style to suit different music.
A quick learner who is always open to learn new styles, having
good coordination with other musicians.


Ability and willingness to play popular songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today.
Music Instruments proficiency : Guitar, Freelance Musician.
Professional music performances:

Performed with renowned music bands in stage shows and assisted them in composing their leading songs.
Composed various songs and short jingles for television advertisements per demand of ad film producers.
Assisted musicians who are new to the field in composing and singing.
Cooperated with other musicians to create new music for them and performed with them at live shows.
Provided background melodies and music for stage shows and concerts.
Mastered certain genre of music through relentless practice.
Worked hard with other music groups as guest artist. Also played in a reality called ‘MTV RockOn’.
Won the best guitarist of 2014 kingdom of dreams – a national level competition by MTV.