Avinash Chaudhry
Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist, Hindi Vocalist, Sufi Vocalist

Avinash Chaudhry

Is a part of:

  • The full Hindi / Sufi Rock Band Setup “Indus Fleet”
  • 3 Piece Acoustic Setup
  • 2 Piece Duo
  • And Solo performance with Acoustic Guitar

Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Also known as Monty is the frontman of the band, he’s one of the first singer in the city to make a mark. He is noted for his stage presence and passionate delivery of vocals. He’s also a lyricist which can be seen in his works. He has done many stage performance , and also a studio recording artist.


Avinash has capability to sing various Indian styles of music. Music Instruments proficiency : Guitar Professional music performances and competencies. He has been in many local album and also sang jingles for add and films. More over his folk voice and a constant experimentation with rock genres Made him versatile Previously he used to be the front man of the band bhairavas and was a very popular performer since then. His interactions with the audience are powerful and he frequently crowd surfs in his performances. His words ” let the music play itself till my last breath.