Music Video Sponsorship Proposal

Indus Fleet was established in the year 2015 with the idea of creating original and new kind of music. With the ability and experience of performing creating versatile genre the band has a clear vision and deep experience of how to go about producing music. The goal of the band is to initially thrive and record eight original songs and then releasing them as single music videos over the period of 8 months. These songs are intended to be released on YouTube under Indus Fleet’s free to public viewing channel. The audio version of the song is to be released on online stores and a minimal cost to it. 

As a team, we view ourselves as being a highly versatile unit of musicians able to adapt to any crowd with any age group and most common genre of music. We are certain that our music and songs would appeal and connect with almost all people.

New Hindi Song Release

New Hindi Song Release
Jaane Na Tu – Indus Fleet

We have released one song to begin with to get the wheels moving. The song is Titled “Jaane Na Tu” ( The song has been produced by Indus Fleet on minimal resources and budget but with maximum effort. We are satisfied with the kind of results it has shown but moreover the entire production of this song has set us up for greater things to follow.

We have completed three songs at the moment and the scratch tracks for five songs are also ready and now to get the kind of results and to extend our audience to the next level we would need some partners to collaborate with for the Video production.

We intend to get a single partner / sponsor for every single video release or a partner who would sponsor the entire seven videos as a project. The Idea we have right now is to keep this simple and to keep our videos realistic to connect with audience of every age, gender and genre. The budget we have for the videos as of now is very nominal so that we can have a single sponsor for the video or project so we could focus more into our music rather spending time thinking of the fuzz dealing multiple sponsors.

Tentative budget for the upcoming music videos is around Rs. 350,000 (Three Lakh Fifty Thousand) per video, as we hope to utilize the funds generated to hire the following professionals:

  • Video team which comprises of a camera man, editor, director and producer
  • Make-up artist
  • Hairstylist
  • Assistants
  • Extra costs for catering, transportation, rental lights
  • Other essential products required for special scenes
  • Promotions

This is our first step for big leaps we are going to take. There could be endless possibilities for the both of us and a lot of ways we could go about things a few things that we have researched and thought of that could benefit you are:

  • We could feature your product in the video and you could use the clippings from it the way you want to for future advertisements and endorsements.
  • Your name would be highlighted as title sponsors of the marketing campaign.
  • The video would be titled saying “Powered by following your company name” this would provide you maximum visibility.
  • We could also talk informally or formally how your company is helping us with the production (
  • We could talk about more possibilities that could be of benefit for the both of us as we progress with the agreement of partnering.


You could contact us any time at:

[email protected]

Finny Jacob: +91 789-529-7688

Rijo Cherian: +91 790-639-7242