There are lot of things that could be said and emphasized and exalted about the band. But for the moment we would like to share the brief idea of what we have in mind, at least till the time some marketing guy steps in and changes the way we talk.

The First level of Sponsor we would be looking for is the Main Band Sponsor or Endorser. It would be a name connected with the band till the contract term goes on. It’s the binging of everything that takes time and we are looking forward¬† for a company/brand with whom we can fasten this initial climb. This First level Sponsor would get to share space at our:

  • With our Logo
  • Website Banner and other pages
  • Logo and thanks in your Videos
  • Would be in our social media presence
  • And maybe shareholder of our revenues
  • Lot other common things like T-shirt, backdrop and …. which are common on all the sponsorship proposals we were going through.

Second Level Sponsor These sponsors would be vital for us but the viewers could easily make out the difference. We believe that you get it.

One Off Sponsors are those would sponsor one off Gig’s, Events, Banners, Adds and so on.

We would be working on this page to make it a bit more specific and a bit more formal. But meanwhile us are welcome to contact us if you wish to partner with us.