Manish Dobhal
Backing Vocals, Drummer, cajon

Manish Dobhal


Manish is an experienced musician with a decade of experience
playing at various levels and bands.
He started with Classic Rock and Metal music and is advancing his
skills even now. He has been a part of various bands and played
across northern India.
He is a hard working and an ever upbeat person.


Manish has ability to play variety of genres including Country, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, and various Indian styles.
Music Instruments proficiency : Drums.

Professional music performances and competencies.
He has studied music and teaches in some of the best schools in Dehradun.
Performed with renowned music bands in stage shows and assisted them in composing their leading songs. Bands including
Renascence, Corsair, Two Pegs Down.
Cooperated with other musicians to create new music for them and performed with them at live shows.