Finny Jacob
Backing Vocals, Vocalist, English Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist, Bass Guitarist

Finny Jacob

Bass Guitarist / Rhythm Guitarist / Vocals

Finny is a highly experienced musician with years of experience
and professional qualifications to match up with his upbeat and
ever so refreshing skills. He has strong vocals to add on to his
guitar playing skills.
He has worked over the years gaining competence in various
genres and worked with various artists and bands before starting
on as a freelancer.
He is now playing with various bands across north India.


Finny has ability to play variety of songs including Jazz, Country, Blues, Classic Rock, Indie, Metal, Alternative Rock, and various
Indian styles. Music Instruments proficiency : Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Back-up vocals, Freelance Musician.
Professional music performances and competencies.
He has studied music and has gained professional certifications from Royal School of Music.
He is also involved with teaching at various institutions and till recent he was associated with a few schools in Dehradun, as a
faculty and teacher.
Performed with renowned music bands in stage shows and assisted them in composing their leading songs.
He composed various songs and short jingles for television advertisements per demand of ad film producers.
Cooperated with other musicians to create new music for them and performed with them at live shows.