India has been blesses with such rich music in the form of Indian classical, Carnatic music and regional folk music. At the same time Indian has always been very open in learning and adapting new forms of music also know as Indian Fusion. From the beginning of Indian cinema (Bollywood) Song writers and and music composers have been influenced by the west and we can hear a lot of twist, blues, rock n roll, Disco  and jazz form in the early Bollywood music.

Hindi being the national language and a common language to connect people in India, proverbially the popularity of Hindi music and bands is higher than all other languages in India.

Then came the Rock trend which spread really fast and Hindi Rock Bands form all over India started to emerge, not only in Hindi but almost in every regional language.

Some Hindi Rock Bands that we love and are worth mentioning are Indian Ocean, Parikrama, Agani and Euphoria.

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