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Hi, I am Finny Jacob the Bassist and Manager of Indus Fleet Band. This website and this blog is something that I really wanted to do form the initial days of Indus Fleet. My musical journey started around 1996 with my first Rock band “Varthaman” since then there was no looking back.

Vocalist of Indus Fleet Band Avinash

Vocalist of Indus Fleet Band Avinash

Indus Fleet started shaping up in the year 2014 when Rijo and I used to tour other bands as hired guns. It has been a wonderful journey from day one and it is amazing to see the kind of love ad support we received wherever we toured and played.

Ever since the four member team was finalized every thing worked wonderfully for us. It’s still early days for the band but at the same time we are all set to move up the next level. Indus Fleet is know for it’s versatile form of music and has done lots of Covers in our own style which a lot of the audience have loved.

The band is currently working on our original songs and I am happy to announce that our debut track is almost ready and would be out soon.

Once again I would like to thank all on behalf of the entire band for all the love, faith and support you have shown upon us in the past and I hope to hear more from all of you as we would need a lot of support and encouragement for our upcoming projects.

So get set ROCK!!!!

Finny Jacob

Indus Fleet

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